Proven Ships

The X-Wing meta is the best it’s ever been, but not all ships are equal.

This is a list of ships based on actual performance at major tournaments. As a casual player looking to become more competitive, sticking to these Proven ships is a fast, surefire way to up your game.

The List

Click on a ship name for more details.


These pilots and builds are proven tournament dominators. They are top threats, and perform exceptionally in most lists.


Solid Ships

These ships are struggling to be top threats in the current meta, but they’re certainly not bad. Lists constructed with these ships can still perform very well with skilled piloting.


Unproven Ships

These ships are the sad and forgotten. They’re just fine if you’re playing for fun, but should basically never be used if you’re trying to be competitive.



Proven Ships
  • A-WingPrototype Pilot – Chardaan Refit
    For 15 pts, a single A-Wing is a great spend. 4 HP and an incredible dial. Spending 3 pts to upgrade a Z-95 to an A-Wing is often better than 3 pts elsewhere. Only good for finishing off a list, though – multiple A-Wings is Unproven.
  • B-Wing – Blue Squadron Pilot
    One of the best jousters in the game, 22 pts gets you 3 red dice and a massive 8 HP. For best results, don’t overload with upgrades that worsen its efficiency.
  • E-Wing – Corran Horn – EPT + R2-D2 + Push the Limit or Veteran Instincts
    With R2-D2, Corran can dash into combat, “double tap” for huge damage, and then dash out and recover up to do it again. Push the Limit lets him arc dodge better and focus/evade more often, but Veteran Instincts lets him move after PS8-9 aces. Engine Upgrade lets you arc dodge more. Shield Upgrade is also acceptable to give Corran a larger health buffer to regen. All other E-Wing pilots are Unproven.
  • K-Wing – Warden Squadron Pilot, Miranda DoniTwin Laser Turret
    Miranda Doni with Twin Laser Turret (TLT) is a mobile, regenerating, late-game beast. K-Wings with TLT still throw 3 dice at range 1 (Miranda throws 4 if she burns a shield). SLAM gives high mobility for getting out of trouble or positioning. Warden Squadron Pilot with Tactician + TLT causes 2 stress, but otherwise a Y-Wing is more points-efficient for fielding TLT. Bombs/ordnance are Unproven, even with Extra Munitions.
  • T-70 X-Wing – Poe DameronVeteran Instincts + R5-P9 or R2-D2
    With R5-P9 or R2-D2, Poe is a strong, regenerating, late-game ace with 3 red dice, 6 HP, boost, and a great dial featuring Tallon Roll. Veteran Instincts lets him hunt PS8-9 aces and win 1v1s in the late-game. He can arc dodge with boost and get great mobility even when limited to greens with R2-D2. Autothrusters gives more survivability and helps counter turrets.
  • YT-2400 – Dash Rendar – EPT + Outrider + Heavy Laser Cannon or Mangler Cannon
    Outrider title and a Cannon make Dash a durable kiter. Push the Limit + Kyle Katarn are effectively 3 actions per turn. Engine Upgrade with the YT-2400’s barrel roll give incredible mobility while ignoring obstacles. Predator and Lone Wolf are also Solid choices.
  • Z-95 – Bandit Squadron Pilot
    12 pts for 4 HP with red dice. Not spectacular, but usually better than 12 pts of inefficient upgrades. Great for rounding out lists and as a blocker.
  • Lambda-Class Shuttle – Omicron Group PilotEmperor Palpatine
    For 21 pts, the Lamba Shuttle has the most efficient red dice and HP in the game. Palpatine provides the cornerstone for amazing 2 Ace lists. Shuttle provides great firepower at the beginning of the match, while Palpatine help ensure the aces remain untouched, and keeps the shuttle a threat even after enemies maneuver around it. Sensor Jammer can extend the life of the shuttle even more. Only Proven with 2 aces as the rest of the list.
  • TIE Advanced – Darth VaderTIE/x1 + Advanced Targeting Computer
    The TIE Advanced has solid defensive stats, but terrible offense. TIE/x1 + Advanced Targeting Computer (ATC) solves all that, giving it effectively almost 4 red dice. Darth Vader is the best pilot in the game, gets Target Locks for ATC easily, and with Engine Upgrade is a top-tier arc-dodger. Veteran Instincts let him hunt all other aces while still getting 2 actions per turn. Predator increases damage even more. Lone Wolf helps offense and defense but may not activate with another ace on the list.
  • TIE Fighter – Academy Pilot, Obsidian Squadron Pilot, Black Squadron Pilot, Howlrunner
    The basic TIE Fighter is extremely cheap, maneuverable, and deadly in large numbers. Howlrunner hugely increases the damage of a TIE Swarm. Obsidian Squadron Pilot lets you shoot before PS2 ships (especially Twin Laser Turrets). Black Squadron Pilot does the same but also lets you take Crack Shot, increasing damage and helping against token-hoarding aces.
  • TIE Interceptor – Carnor Jax, Soontir FelPush the Limit + Autothrusters
    The basic TIE Interceptor is a fragile, overcosted ship, but with Push the Limit and Carnor/Soontir, it becomes almost invulnerable. Boost and barrel roll give incredible arc-dodging ability. Autothrusters protect against turrets you can’t dodge and let you barrel roll into range 3 for safety. Stealth Device is usually added to help keep you invulnerable for as long as possible. Soontir Fel with Push the Limit gets effectively 3 actions per turn and can beat entire lists by himself.
  • TIE Phantom – WhisperVeteran Instincts + Advanced Cloaking Device
    With 4 red dice and (usually) 4 green, Whisper is a potent, high-mobility threat at all points in the game. Requires careful piloting and a good amount of prediction (since you have to decloak before anyone’s moved). Whisper absolutely needs to shoot first (with Advanced Cloaking Device) to survive, so Veteran Instincts is mandatory to tie with PS9 pilots. Echo and other pilots are Unproven simply because their PS is too low to shoot first/arc dodge.
  • VT-49 Decimator – Rear Admiral Chiraneau – EPT + Gunner + Darth Vader
    The Decimator provides a powerful 360° attack on a massive pool of hitpoints. Its high base cost warrants further investment to get the most performance out of it. Gunner increases damage and helps break through tokened-up aces, and Vader ensures a damage and plays well with the Decimator’s HP. Engine Upgrade gives great mobility and the high-PS Chiraneau helps it dodge low-PS fire and gives a potent damage ability.
  • Aggressor – IG-88A, IG-88B, IG-88C – EPT + Autothrusters + Heavy Laser Cannon or Mangler Cannon
    The Aggressor has excellent stats, dial, and HP. 36 pts is too much to field three, but double Aggressors loaded to the teeth have been a staple list since the Aggressor was released. There are myriad ways to equip them, beyond the scope of this article. Only lists including IG-88B are Proven, because it’s a free Gunner if you add a secondary weapon. Autothrusters is probably the best modification as well.
  • Y-Wing – Syndicate ThugTwin Laser Turret
    The Scum 25 point Y-Wing + TLT is even better than the Rebel. Unfortunately the other Scum options right now are pretty poor, so only lists that were primarily Y-Wings + Turrets performed well. 4x Y-Wings with TLT is also particularly potent, landing 8th place.
  • A-Wing – Jake Farrell – A-Wing Test Pilot + Veteran Instincts + Push the Limit + Autothrusters + Proton Rockets
    Jake is an excellent ace, able to arc dodge with the best of them at PS9 (with Veteran Instincts + Push the Limit). Proton Rockets gives him excellent damage for one round, but his weak 2 red dice keep him at just Solid.
  • B-Wing – Ten NumbVeteran Instincts + Mangler Cannon
    With Mangler Cannon, Ten Numb’s ability pushes through an unavoidable crit every attack. At PS10, it’s probably the best TIE Interceptor counter in the game. The rest of the time, though, it’s an overly-expensive B-Wing.
  • HWK-290 – Rebel Operative, Roark GarnetTwin Laser Turret
    The HWK is a cheaper way to field a turret compared to the Y-Wing, for less HP. The extra agility is not usually worth the 3 HP, and HWKs are vulnerable to being focused early. The Y-Wing is usually superior, but in the right list and upgrades, they can perform well enough.
  • YT-1300 – Chewbacca, Han Solo – EPT + Millennium Falcon + C-3PO + Gunner or Luke Skywalker
    The “Fat Han” build has high HP and with Millennium Falcon + C-3PO, can mitigate 2 damage every round. Gunner/Luke with Han’s ability give it very reliable damage and can break through token-hoarding aces. Twin Laser Turrets and the shift away from the two-ship meta really hurt the title/3PO combo though, as it performs worse against more attacks. Dash Rendar (YT-2400) is usually preferred in the current meta.
  • Z-95 – Tala Squadron Pilot
    13 points for a Z-95 is almost as good as 12 points for one. Shooting before PS2 could come in handy, but most of the time it won’t matter.
  • VT-49 Decimator – Captain Oicunn
    The VT is a solid pile of stats for its cost. Even without all the common upgrades, it will perform decently. Captain Oicunn is a solid low-PS blocker, and his ability can damage somewhat reliably.
  • HWK-290 – Torkil Mux – Turret
    The HWK is a cheaper way to field a turret compared to the Y-Wing, for less HP. The extra green is not as good as the 3 HP, and HWKs are vulnerable to being focused early. The Y-Wing is usually superior, but Torkil’s ability performed well enough in a mixed-turret list at Worlds to earn him Solid.
  • Kihraxz Fighter – Cartel Marauder
    The Kihraxz has decent stats for 20 points, and its 3 red dice perform well in the meta. They’re essentially better X-Wings. Unfortunately they’re not exceptional, and there really isn’t something they do so well you can build a superior list out of them, yet.
  • YV-666 – Trandoshan Slaver, Bossk
    The YV-666 has a solid statline for its cost with 3 red dice. The dial is bad but the 180° arc really helps keeping targets under fire. There are a ton of upgrade options and slots. The problem is just Scum generally has trouble fielding anything outstanding; the killer YV-666 list either doesn’t exist or hasn’t yet been discovered.
  • Z-95 – Black Sun Soldier
    Like the Tala Squadron pilot, upgrading the Z-95’s pilot skill for one point is a solid spend. It’s just slightly less points efficient and doesn’t often pay off.
  • X-Wing
    The X-Wing was one of the first ships created for the Miniatures Game, and it was unfortunately designed about 2 points too expensive. None of the higher pilots are must-haves and basic B-Wings are better jousters. The T-70 X-Wing likely put the last nail in the coffin, being better in every way.
  • Firespray-31
    The Firespray is overcosted for what it brings to the table. The rear arc isn’t that useful, and encourages the Firespray to K-Turn more often (missing out on actions). Not only is its top pilot ability pretty terrible, but Imperials have access to game-winning aces in that price range, and the VT-49 Decimator for higher points.
  • TIE Bomber
    There just isn’t any outstanding ordinance that makes the TIE Bomber worth bringing along, and its base stats aren’t geared toward swarms.
  • TIE Defender
    The statline on the Defender is amazing, and the white K-Turn is super-efficient when you can use it regularly. After that, the rest of its dial is really bad (only one white hard turn and no green turns is a terrible combination) but what ultimately sinks the Defender is that it’s just way too many points for its cost.
  • TIE Punisher
    Whereas the K-Wing is able to equip amazing turrets, the TIE Punisher doubles down on ordinance, which is still super overcosted and difficult to use. Worse, after you load it up with ordinance and Extra Munitions, it’s fairly easy to blow it up before it can even fire it all.
  • TIE/fo Fighter
    Point for point, the TIE/fo is probably better overall than the regular TIE. The extra shield helps a ton, and the dial is way better with the green Hard turn and Segnor’s Loops. Unfortunately the TIE/fo finds itself in a difficult position: TIE Swarms would much rather take additional red dice and bodies, and the TIE/fo aces can’t hold up to the likes of Soontir Fel and Darth Vader.
  • Firespray-31
    Like the Imperial Firespray, the Scum version is a little too expensive for what you get. The rear arc is difficult to get a ton of use out of, and encourages K-Turning too much. The aces are not outstanding for Scum, either.
  • M3-A Interceptor
    One point less than an A-Wing for a lost point of shield and a way worse dial (no green hard turns). Maybe could have been useful as a filler ship the way Prototype A-Wing is, except Scum can’t really field grab-bag lists the way Rebels can because overall they have too many underwhelming ships.
  • StarViper
    Stat-wise the StarViper is set up to be a killer Ace. Unfortunately, it has no amazing ace pilot abilities, and they top out at PS7. The lack of a green hard turn also hurts. You bought one anyway because you needed Autothrusters though…

5 thoughts on “Proven Ships

  1. That’s an interesting list you have here ! Very helpful, I keep that on my favrites 🙂
    What do you plan do write about in your blog ? Lists, tactics, etc.. ?


  2. Excellent article! I appreciate the way FFG tries to repair the ships that get left behind, but I think scenario play is a simpler fix. Write more, please!


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